How It Works

Professional Christmas Lights Installation


Custom Design

A representative will meet with you and provide a custom designed package that suits the architecture, and enhances the best features, of your home and property. We provide guidance and you choose the colour and types of décor that you feel will lead to stunning results.

Christmas Lights Installation

As a Christmas light installation business, our friendly, professionally trained and fully insured team will provide efficient and timely installation of your décor.  Each installation is unique and all necessary steps will be taken to ensure décor is installed properly and with care to your home.

Warranty & Service

Prompt and courteous service will be provided to adjust, repair or replace any décor throughout the holiday season.  This warranty and service is provided year-after-year to ensure your décor looks fantastic all holiday season and that you never own old and worn out décor again.

Removal & Storage

Décor will be removed, inspected and packed with care so that you may store it until the next season. Or inquire about complimentary storage for your Christmas decorations.


As a preferred customer you will be contacted early in the following season and will have an opportunity to build and enhance your décor as well as to select a convenient installation date.